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How Hair Transplantation at Cosmo Hair Changed my Life

How Hair Transplantation at Cosmo Hair Changed my Life

We have changed the lives of thousands of people at Cosmo Hair. Many have still remembered us.

Know the story of our one such patient Aarif in his own words:

Hi, my name is Aarif. I am 25 years old guy living in Jammu.

A while back, my hairs started falling. Initially, I thought it was normal. So, didn’t pay much attention.

But then within 6 months, I noticed that bald patch had grown on my head. That’s when I realized that my world had turned upside down.

I started feeling afraid to look myself in the mirror.

Friends started making fun of me.

Neighborhood kids started calling me uncle.

I even heard one aunt from neighborhood saying no one will marry a person who’s bald at such a young age.

Now, I was growing desperate each day to grow back my fallen hairs. So, when one day a friend suggested me a hair transplant clinic, I just called on their number and scheduled an appointment.

I thought this was the end of my torment. But I was wrong.

Some complications occurred during the procedure and left me with permanent scars on my head.

This was something I had never thought even in my worst dreams. Baldness was not enough. Now, I also these scars.

To prevent people from making fun of me I started wearing cap all the time. Even during the summers when the temperature was above 40°. People though I was crazy.

But they didn’t know the actual reason behind it.

I had almost given up and accepted my fate when I heard about Cosmo Hair from my cousin.

“Dr. Rahul is a great doctor. He will cure you. Let me take you with me tomorrow. ”

I was reluctant and didn’t want to take any risk this time.

“Ok, at least meet him once. You can decide later if you want to have the treatment or not.” My cousin finally convinced me to visit Cosmo Hair.

When Dr. Rahul examined me for the first, he was speechless for a while before saying this:

Oh son, you’ve gone through a lot. But don’t worry, I will cure you.

Then Dr. Rahul went on explaining about the FUE hair transplant procedure and scheduled another appointment. He also gave me some instructions which I carefully followed.

I was really terrified on the day of surgery. But Dr. Rahul and his team made me feel great. Even during the surgery I didn’t feel any pain. The procedure was successful.

Now, after 1 year

My hairs have fully grown. Now, I can proudly see myself in the mirror and feel happy.

Thanks a lot Dr. Rahul. I will forever be thankful to you for this.

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