Men Hair Transplant

Men Hair Transplant Chandigarh

Men Hair Transplant: Hair Loss is one of the most common problems in men these days. Bad food habits, genetics, and addiction are the main causes of hair loss in men. It is a well-known fact that baldness is the sign of old age and a bald person looks unattractive. Baldness is an irreversible process in which falling hair doesn’t re-grow. It happens because hair follicles become week, due to which hairs become thin and weak. Many people try traditional remedies to stop hair fall. But that doesn’t work because the roots of hairs become weak. This leads to wastage of time and money.

Men Hair Loss

In men, male pattern Baldness in the most common problem. This is also called ANDROGENIC ALOPECIA. Men’s hair loss happens due to hormonal imbalance. In male-pattern baldness, hair fall starts from the front side of the head i.e hairline. Due to which hairline of a person starts decreasing. In the end stage of the male pattern baldness, the crown area of the head becomes bald. But side and backside of the head contain hairs. Lost hairs never grow again because hair follicles are completely depleted. So it is impossible to regain hairs.

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Men Hair Loss Treatment

Hair Transplantation is the only method to regain lost hairs, because once hair roots get destroyed then they never recover. So at this stage hair transplantation is the only solution.

We use FUE Technique for hair transplantation. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. In FUE Hair Transplant technique hair first, we extract hair grafts from the donor area. After that, we implant those hair grafts into the bald area. We use Microneedles in the whole procedure. Once we complete hair transplantation surgery successfully. we give PRP therapy to the patient.

PRP stands for Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy. In PRP therapy we extract platelets and plasma from the patient’s blood by using a diode machine. After doing all this we inject the platelets and plasma solution into the patient’s scalp. PRP therapy gives strength to the hairs and supports hair growth to a greater extent.

Cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh

The cost of hair transplantation depends on the number of grafts required to cover the bald area. There are two phases during hair transplantation. The first phase is the consultation phase, in this phase doctor examines the patient. And describes the treatment method and cost to the patient. The second phase is the treatment phase. In this phase, the doctor performs hair transplantation surgery on the patient. It can be FUE, BIO-FUE, FUT or FTP. Depending on the various other factors.

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