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As per common man defination – ” Hair Transplant is a surgical procedure in which hair are implanted on bald area of patient.”

Fue i.e. Follicular Unit Extraction technique is used for Hair Transplant procedure. In this technique grafts (hair roots) are extracted from patient’s donor area (Back side of head) and then implanted on patient’s bald area. It is a one day procedure without any stitches and scars. Patient can resume their normal routine a day after surgery. Number of grafts are calculated on the basis of Norwood’s Scale.

Transplanted Hair are shed away within 20 to 45 days after surgery. After 45 days, they starts regrowing and then retain for life time. Within 9 to 12 months, a patient would get the desired density of hair. Regular check up with surgeon is not necessary after transplant. It is completely a safe procedure. Within 48 hours of surgery, your dressing will be removed and then you can wash your head as per doctor instructions.


To know cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh, WhatsApp Head Pictures at 9815727418. Our team provide you Free Consultation of Transplant procedure. The package we provide you for hair transplantation includes lab tests, hospital stay, seven day post procedure medicine and one prp therapy.

Medical Council of India states that Only a Plastic Surgeon (with M.Ch degree)is Authorized to do Transplant. But in today’s scenario, Even technicians and general surgeons are performing hair transplant at cheaper rates than plastic surgeons but this thing is ethically wrong. No one has the right to play with the health of patients. So, it is advisable that always choose a plastic surgeon for your hair transplant surgery.

Chandigarh Hair Transplantation is here to resolve all your hair problems on very relevant prices. No need to worry about hair problems and treatment results. Dr Rahul Goyal (Ms, Mch, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon) Specialist of transplantation is provided you all the best treatments with 100% guarantee.

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