Women Hair Transplant

Women Hair Transplant: These days the number of women is facing the hair fall problem to a greater extent. There are several reasons due to which the hair fall problem is common in women these days. It is a well-known fact that hairs enhance the beauty and appearance of a lady. So a female with improper hairs will not look that beautiful, due to which she might feel demotivated. As men, in hair loss in women is permanent i.e once if the hair gets fall then they can’t be grown again.

Causes of Hair Loss In Women

It is also said female pattern baldness. The main causes of hair loss in women are mental stress, hormonal imbalance and lack of protein. Sometimes hair loss in women may be genetics. In female pattern baldness. First, hair becomes thin from the top crown area and later falls due to the weakening of roots. In the female pattern, baldness hairline stays unaffected. But the crown area keeps loosing hairs.

Best Hair Loss Treatment

Women Hair Transplant is also done by the FUE hair transplantation technique. As we know that after depleting of hair roots hairs can’t regrow again. If hair fall in women is at an initial stage then it is easy to control it by PRP Therapy. The full form of PRP is Platelets Rich Plasma Therapy. In PRP therapy we extract Platelets and plasma from the patient’s blood by using a diode machine. After that, we inject it to the patient’s scalp which nourishes the scalp and to controls the hair fall.

But if hair fall is at very much then FUE hair transplantation is the only way to treat Female Pattern Baldness. In FUE hair transplantation for women. First hair we extract roots from the backside of the patient’s head. And after that, we implant them into the bald area. We use sterilized micro-needles and advanced computer machinery in the whole procedure. After completing BIO-FUE transplantation medicinal support is also given to the patient. This increases the life of the implanted hairs. It is very much the same as the FUE technique for Men. But women hair transplantation is a bit costly because it is very difficult to extract hair grafts in women.

Benefits With Us:

We assure you of very less wastage of grafts because of which you will get natural looks and dense hairs volume.A simpler, less painful and minimal invasive procedure.
No scalpels, stitches or linear scarring.
We Use of only strong, healthy follicles.
Along with hair transplantation we will assure to prevent further hair fall. Lifelong guarantee for the hair grafts transplanted.
Due to all the above benefits, we are one of the best women hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh.